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International Disk Forum 2011

World well known prestigious industry managements, engineers, analysts and University experts are invited and present HDD and related Applications market trends and technology trends also latest technology for HDD and key components towards further higher recording densityas well as well known round table and reliability presentation for Flash memory product.

Date August 2 (Tue) -3 (Wed), 2011
Location Access Plaza Industry Ota (PiO)  
Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization
1-20-20, Minami-Kamata, OtaCity, Tokyo 144-0035, Japan
It's 4 minutes walk from KeikyuKamata Station on the Keihin Kyuko Line.
Price IDEMA Member and Exhibitors Non Member
2days(2,3)            : 50,000 JPY
1day (2 or 3 only) : 35,000 JPY
2days(2,3)            : 100,000 JPY
1day (2 or 3 only) : 70,000 JPY
August 3, (Wed) Session 5 Keynote Speech free attend registration



Tuesday , August 2
Noboru Kubokawa Chairperson IDEMA JAPAN / Chief Analyst Institute of Information Technology, Ltd.
Session 1. Market Trend
HDD Market Now 
Toshio Magome Senior Director Techno Systems Research Co., Ltd. 
Nobody stop "Networking society" entered. There are more speedy, more imaging and more reliablity. "Cloud computing" will be one of the important directions to the future, but it need time more.
So, the coming digital storage will be changed and required under the circumstances as the market inevitability. In last March and April, we has received big impact as "WD merge with HGST and Seagate buy Samsung HDD Dept., releasements,and the earthquake in East Japan",however, thesedays HDD market momentum is not weak. Having a outlook on the coming HDD market with a sidelong glance to SSD
Session 2. Application
User Experience Viewpoint of Strage Device for NBPC, iPhone and iPad
Akira Fukuda Freelance Technology Writer
Almost of technology writer/editor are heavy user of mobile appliance such as notebook PC, tablet PC and smartphone. From the viewpoint of heaby user, ideal strage device image for mobile appliance with user experience will be discussed. The gap of real strages and ideal ones may be reviewed.
11:35-12:35 Lunch Time
The importance of management and protecting corporate and customer information based on the actual case studies
-How to prevent deplorable events by leveraging the restoration of data loss and the monitoring software.-

You Haruyama Director Data Recovery Service Dept AOS Technologies,Inc.
The awareness of protecting sensitive information is becoming essential and critical to many corporations.AOS will present risk managements of how to protect customer and corporate information, and a prevention from data leaks to outsiders.(The latest data management tool will be shared during the seminar!)
Challenging on Serial Interface, Evaluation and Future
Yoshiki Tsuji Technical Director, LeCroy Japan Corporation 
Along with speed up of data transfer rate of serial interface, compliance test that ensure interoperability is becoming more strict. However, in spite of strictness, it still shows some issue as system in fact. In IDEMA Japan, SATA transmission line evaluation working group was formed to make a proposal for methodology of evaluation of SATA cable. I will introduce background of this activity and technical discussion fot the methodology.
13:55-14:25 Visiting Exhibition
Technology trends of Storage Systems  - Storage in Enterprise ICT systems -
Tadashi Kumasawa
General Manager Storage Planning Division Storage Systems Unit FUJITSU LIMITED
Vice Chair, Board of Directors Storage Networking Industry Asociation Japan Forum (SNIA-J)
Hard Disk Drive is main stream of storage in enterprise ICT systems, now in today. HDD is used as rather virtualized form than its real characteristics, i.e. RAID or Disk pool. It will be introduced in this session, the technologies and features to utilize HDD effectively in enterprise ICT systems which require High Reliability, Performance, and Availability.
New Trend of Device Cloud2 - Eurotech Device Cloud "Everyware" -
Shoji Fuchigami
Representative Director & CEO Advanet Inc.
Nowadays, we can frequently look word of "Cloud" everyday. But already we use Google and Amazon public cloud service without any intention. On the other hand, CMS like Salesforce is used for enterprise cloud service. But we providing "Device Cloud" which connecting to device and make relation to push type cloud service like Salesforce. We'll explain about this "Device Cloud - Everyware - ".
15:45-16:15 Visiting Exhibition
Session 3. Keynote Speech
Storage market trend with cloud computing and Toshiba’s strategy
 - Responsive to paradigm shift -
Hironobu Nishikori
Corporate Vice President Executive Vice President Semiconductor & Storage Products Company Toshiba Corporation
Storage market changing dramatically. Media tablet start to replace some part of PC. Data center business player increasing. Recently, we see such “Paradigm shift”.Amount of generated digital data growing explosively. Currently data stored at client, but data will be stored at cloud side from now on.Even though, the key point is “HDD, SSD and NAND flash will co-exist” to store sheer volume of data.Give you an explanation on market trend and Toshiba’s strategy.
17:05-  Reception


Wednesday, August 3
Session 4. Production and application issues caused by High capacity increase SSD
The Science and Evolution of Ultraprecision Cleaning
Hitoshi Morinaga, Ph.D. Senior General Manager Specialty Materials Division FUJIMI INCORPORATED
The advanced manufacturing process of such electronic devices as memory hard disk and semiconductor devices is constantly engaged in battles against nanocontamination. Cleaning process is required to achieve ultraclean surface with higher productivity. The requirements by the industry are becoming more severe along with further integration and cost-reduction of the devices. Cleaning technology, therefore, must innovate to meet these ever-increasing requirements. Technology innovation is facilitated by a correct understanding of underlying mechanisms. The presentation will discuss adsorption/desorption mechanisms of trace contaminants, principles of device cleaning based on the mechanisms, the cleaning issues to note and the strategies to improve cleaning effectiveness.
Session 5. Keynote Speech(Free)
Dr. Pantelis S.Alexeopoulos 
 Data Storage Institute
11:20-12:20  Lunch Time
Session 6. ASTC
Advance Storage Technology Consortium (ASTC) Introduction
Gerardo Bertero, Ph.D. Senior Director, Advanced Technology Office Western Digital Corporation
The Advanced Storage Technology Consortium (ASTC) was officially launched in January of 2011 with the purpose of accelerating the pace of technology innovation in the hard disk drive industry, shorten the time from invention to productization and provide the industry with a comprehensive technology roadmap. ASTC aims to accomplish its goals through sponsorship and management of university projects and by leveraging on other established resources at non-academic labs and research institutions. In this talk we will present ASTC’s organizational structure, will revisit its high level goals and will summarize the activities carried out to date as well as future planned activities.
Session 7. Next generation technology
Error Recovery with RS-less ECC
Naoki Sato System Engineering group Manager Marvell Japan K.K.
In recent years, the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) industry has started to transition from Reed-Solomon (RS) Error Correction Codes (ECC), to iterative (ITR) codes (also referred to as RS-less ECC in the HDD industry). RS-less codes perform very well in random-noise dominated environments, however they are not naturally suited for dealing with exception errors, such as media defects, thermal asperities, etc. Since most HDD hard failures are driven by exception errors, it is important to make sure that RS-less ECC can sustain stringent data reliability standards while allowing the HDD industry to reach new capacity milestones. This presentation addresses the exception errors handling and provides an outline for an effective error recovery framework for RS-less ECC.
13:40-14:10 Visiting Exhibition
Rare Earth trend ~Current Status and Problems~
Yuji Tanamachi Metal Research Bureau chief Editor
Current situation of research and development of Nd-Fe-B magnets to deal with the problem for short supply of rare earth resources
Takeshi Nishiuchi 
Senior Researcher,Magnetic Materials Research Laboratory,NEOMAX Company, Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
Neodymium-iron-boron (Nd-Fe-B) magnets have been used for a lot of applications such as voice coil motors (VCM) for hard disc drives. However, the raw materials of rare earth elements such as neodymium (Nd) and dysprosium (Dy) are provided exclusively by China today, which has resulted in the sudden rise in raw material prices of rare earths and the increase in a risk of the rare earth supply. This talk provides basic concepts and current situation of research and development of Nd-Fe-B magnets aiming at reduction the contents of rare earth elements.
15:30-16:00 Visiting Exhibition

Report of INTERMAG2011 conference (magnetic recording media) and bit reversal of a self-assembled BPM.
Akira Kikitsu Laboratory Leader Storage Materials & Devices Laboratory, TOSHIBA Corp.,R&D Center

Topics on the magnetic recording media presented at the INTERMAG2011 conference (Apr. 25-29, 2011) are reported. University of Minnesota presented a design of 4 Tbpsi Bit Patterned Media. Papers on the switching field distribution of BPM are also presented.The author presented a paper on the bit reversal of a BPM made by a self-assembled mask. A brief talk on this paper is also presented.
Energy Assisted Magnetic Recording and Trend -
Katsuji Nakagawa Professor
Department of Electronics and Computer Science, College of Science and Technology, Nihon University
Energy Assisted Magnetic Recording (TAMR, and MAMR) is being eagerly studied to improve the memory density of magnetic recording. This presentation introduces current researches and problems to be solved, including reports in the Intermag 2011 in Taipei.


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